What would be the next?

It is a simple law that when technology becomes more and more advanced the misuse of it and subsequently the security issues also increase. This fact is about technology versus hardware compatibility.
Yes – the cause is 5G!

According to Brian Foster, SVP, MobileIron
“5G will result in the first public disclosure of a data breach caused by a mobile device. Extremely fast 5G connectivity will enable new capabilities for self-driving cars, remote robotic surgeries, and many other applications that require decisions to be made in single-digit milliseconds. However, it will also accelerate the amount of data lost on mobile devices. 5G will continue to dissolve traditional enterprise network perimeters and cybercriminals will take advantage of security gaps to launch all kinds of attacks, such as phishing, man-in-the-middle, device takeovers, and more”

It is said that ‘attackers Will Find New Vulnerabilities in the 5G/Wi-Fi Handover’- according to WatchGuard. Furthermore, it illustrates that even though 5G comes with high-end features like speed and reliability, the security vulnerability issue can be higher when smartphones switch between mobile cellular network (5G) and Wi-Fi networks that are publicly available or accessed by large number of people (in public places). Attackers could access voice or data of 5G mobile phones.

Moreover, the said report predicts that most of the data breaches will be involved in telecommuters, mobile devices, and off-premises assets.