Cybersafety Tips (Part 1)

Staying safe online

  1. Keep your profile set to private and check your settings regularly.
  2. Don’t share personal information, and protect yourself from strangers online.
  3. Think about your personal safety before you ‘check in’ or use location based services.
  4. Manage your digital reputation responsibly.
  5. Respect others and look after each other online.The post on Cyber frauds here…
Dealing with cyberbullying

  1. Block the cyberbully.
  2. Take a screenshot as evidence of the cyberbullying.
  3. Report offensive material to the website administrator or service provider.
  4. Talk to a friend or trusted adult.
  5. Don’t forget.. Hithawathi is here for you!
    For more help,contact the police,call TechCERT or SLCERT (view more info here…).

Get help from police /TechCERT or SLCERT : find previous post here…