Last updated on October 5, 2022

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Two years ago Nishi was in a relationship with Kapila but broke up after finding out that he shared the same feelings with another woman secretly. Later on, for some reason that woman also had left him and he asked Nishi to come back to him saying ‘sorry’.

However, Nishi had given her word to someone else by that time and was about to get married. When she explained her situation to Kapila, he felt jealous and angry. Kapila thought that stopping that marriage would make her helpless and give them a chance to be together again like in the past.

Kapila had saved the intimate pictures of them taken before. He created a fake Instagram account using Nishi’s name and all the images with misleading captions. Further he followed most of her friends, relatives and updated profile Bio as

Living happily with my Kapila, no matter what others say

She was totally upset when she got to know about this from a friend. This made her really embarrassing to face the society since she was dreaming to be a bride soon. She had no option other than to tell everything what has happened to her future husband, who was very understanding. He asked her to contact ‘Hithawathi’ immediately to get their assistance with reporting.

Accordingly, she called Hithawathi and got their support to remove the fake account that impersonated her and she thanked Hithawathi with making a review for saving her life on internet. Finally she got rid of Kapila and married the man who introduced her to Hithawathi, when she was down.

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