Last updated on November 22, 2022

A new program for Teens from Hithawathi!

A friend, who helps safeguard you while you are surfing the internet …

For whom?
Just for Teens (school students from Grade 8 to 13)
How does it happen?
First, we will do an initial workshop at your school. Then a “Teens Hub” unit will be set up in your school. The Principal and IT teacher(s) of your school will help us to implement this programme. Not only that, we will appoint a couple of Teens Hub Leaders among students too.
What’s going on with this?
We know that you can’t live without internet by now. You should use the internet but be careful! This new program teaches you how to use the internet safely.
Is that all?  No… We will educate you on:
  • How to use internet properly
  • What are dos and don’ts
  • What are the dangers of the internet?
  • How to identify them
  • As well as the latest information,
  • What to do if you are a victim of a cyber related problem.
Do you know?
You can join Teens Hub through your favorite social media channel.

It’s not over!

Every weekend we ask a question and select five winners randomly out of those who give the correct answer to award valuable gifts. More information will be provided during the physical awareness session.