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Please go to below link and follow the guidelines to report the video.

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  • Getting a WhatsApp call from an unknown number may be a sign that your account is compromised (hacked). You don’t even need to pick up the call for it. (‘The Sun’ newspaper, 15th May 2019)
  • Phone warms up unusually
  • Phone battery gets low very quickly when mobile data or Wi-Fi is on
  • Change of your account information
  • Messages that you did not send, are sent to your contacts and unknown people.
  • Unread messages appear to be read and new or deleted messages may be there.
  • Difference in the list of contacts

Learn more : https://www.hithawathi.lk/help-centre/social-media/whatsapp/whatsapp-hacking/

Among the e-mails you receive daily in different forms, it is not easy to identify whether it is a genuine or a scam email. The following indicators will help you to recognize the fraudulent e-mails.

  • Incomplete / misspelled words
  • Requires immediate action
  • Request to enter personal information
  • How to check the web page link

See more details here..