Read the Cyber Security book and answer below questions correctly .

  1. What is the correct action you should take before selling your mobile phone ?
    1. Change the password of the mobile phone
    2. “Factory reset” to delete all data
    3. Change the wallpaper
    4. Remove the SIM
  2. If someone blames you in an offensive manner, do you have to reply immediately?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  3. What is not a service offered by Hithawathi Project?
    1. Assist only women and girls
    2. Provide counselling
    3. Provide information on legal actions
    4. A help desk service
  4. What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
    1. Malware
    2. SMS
    3. A phishing message
    4. A methodology to confirm identity apart from password
  5. What is the best action you could take if a picture of you has been published without your consent
    1. Scold/Blame by commenting
    2. Message and inform to remove it
    3. Report and inform to Hithawathi project
    4. Refrain from social media usage forever

(1-b, 2-b, 3-a, 4-d, 5-c)