This project titles as “Hithawathi-Your Confidante” which was initially commenced in January 2014. Hithawathi project is a help desk designed for the victims and casualties of technology / internet related activities. The project was initiated by the community members of Internet Society – Sri Lanka Chapter (ISOC-LK) and LK Domain Registry (LKDR). An active main role had been driven by one of the Ex-Presidents ISOC-LK, Ms Sagarika Wickramasekara voluntarily . Several workshops, awareness campaigns were conducted under her guidance. The project was started with a blog (www.hithawati.blogspot.com), and then it was expanded to a website with a contact number.


By now Hithawathi has developed and empowered with more features and facilities. The state-of-the art website, UpToDate content and guidelines, online chat feature, a permanent hotline contact number, email address to be contacted, and a complaint management system are some of the features and facilities making the society aware via Hithawathi YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account.

The hotline will be handled by female officers that intended to serve especially female victims, who get the opportunity to talk to them more comfortably and openly than talking to a male officer.

Hithawathi is privileged to get assistance of national level organizations such as Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team (SLCERT), TechCERT, Sri Lanka Police and individuals such as students’ counselors, legal advisors attached to different organizations , members of ISOC-LK and LKDR. Some of the individuals have been serving voluntarily.

Hithawathi is currently funded by LK Domain Registry.