Last updated on April 21, 2022

What is Deep Web?

Deep web is a part of the internet which is not totally accessible by standard search engines.

What can we find on deep web?

Deep web contains pages that are not indexed by search engines, pay-walled sites, private databases and the dark web.

Let’s understand more about the deep web

  • This is also called by names such as “hidden web”, “invisible web”
  • It’s much bigger than the surface web
  • Many webpages are dynamically generated and do not have links from other sites
  • Another key content in deep web is the fee-for-service sites such as Netflix. Though the site is available on the web, most of its content is in the deep web
  • Private data bases are another major element in the deep web. Examples of private databases are financial transactions on major sites such as Paypal, photos shared between friends on Dropbox etc.

What is Dark Web?

Dark web is a part of the deep web which can only be accessed using a special web browser. This is used to keep internet activities private.

What can we find on Dark web?
Most of the websites on the dark web consist of the categories such as illegal drug and firearm transactions, pornography, gambling, news sites and whistleblowing to disclose information.

Let’s understand more about the dark web

  • The exact URL (link) of the dark website must be known as they do not appear in search engines
  • This segment of the internet is classified as ‘dangerous’
  • Most illegal activities take place here
  • Most journalists and whistle blowers use it for open communication

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