Last updated on December 18, 2023


During his twenties, Rayyan loved using apps, especially dating and social media ones. One day, he got a message on Skout from someone named “Sheikh Hamdan Fazza”. Rayyan was a bit unsure about it, but he wanted to find out more. Soon, the same person messaged him on Imo.

Sheikh Hamdan Fazza : Hi

Rayyan : Hello

Sheikh Hamdan Fazza : How are you? Tell me about yourself.

Rayyan : I’m okay. Who are you?

The person claimed to be the Crown Prince of Dubai, which made Rayyan even more suspicious and curious. He continued to chat and understand what was happening.

Sheikh Hamdan Fazza : Can you get a royal robe for my father? If you send it, I’ll introduce you to my father as a friend from another country and give you a free air ticket to Dubai.

Rayyan thought this person was being tricky.

Sheikh Hamdan Fazza : If you can’t buy it, I can get it and give it on your behalf.

Rayyan stayed quiet and didn’t reply. Later on…

Sheikh Hamdan Fazza : Do you have enough money in your savings account? I’m starting a big project to help people in Nigeria.

Rayyan : Hmm.

The person tried to get Rayyan to talk more, even saying he liked Rayyan’s profile a lot. Rayyan decided to stop talking to him and looked for help.

He found a website called Hithawathi and used their live chat option to tell them about the scam. Hithawathi advised Rayyan not to click any suspicious links from the scammer. Rayyan was also instructed to take screenshots of the conversations and report the incident to Imo (via email with evidence like the scammer’s mobile number and relevant screenshots. Moreover, he was guided to notify it to the police or cybercrime unit in his country (since Rayyan was not from Sri Lanka).

Rayyan thanked Hithawathi for the support, and Hithawathi appreciated him for sharing information that could help others avoid scams.

Precaution tips:

  • Never give money or share personal details / pictures with scammers.
  • Be careful with new social media invitations (friend requests); check them thoroughly before accepting.
  • Watch out for offers that seem too good to be true; they might be scams.
  • Report these scams to the proper authorities or helplines in your country.