Last updated on October 17, 2022

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical

One Saturday, James got an email from someone called Shania, who introduced her as a soldier in Afghanistan. According to the e-mail, she had no relatives and therefore, was looking for a reliable partner to share a cash box of US$ 2.8 million, she found during the war.

James was feeling lucky at that moment and he didn’t need to work hard to get it even. So, he sent Shania the personal information she requested. Little by little, they built up a good relationship through emails.

However, James got stuck at the point where he had to pay a clearance charge of US$ 1,086 (LKR 197,344). While he was thinking of a way to find that money to make his money box dream true, fortunately he heard that this is a trending scam most of the people faced via News:

One of real news is here (played from 15:55 to 18:35)

Precaution tips:
Do not respond to such emails, since making easy cash on cyber space is not possible.
Never give them your personal information, which can be used for Identity theft.
Learn more about how to tell if an email is a scam