Last updated on August 6, 2021

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Shanaz, the accountant of ‘Best Rubber’ Export Company, normally communicated with customers via email, since it is considered as written proof in business. Last year she made some negotiations with ‘UK Tyre House’ that placed a LKR 7,000,000 worthy big order. Following the procedure, she dispatched the goods and emailed the invoice.

Meanwhile, ‘UK Tyre House’ received the following email from Shanaz and deposited the money to the new account.

Due to a change in our Account system, we changed our bank details as follows;
Name of account: Xinxian Saoiy
SLI Bank: 1111 2222 3333 4444
Branch: Dieotya

We would appreciate your correction of the details for the final invoice payments which are due immediately.

Shanaz wondered why the payment wasn’t transferred and contacted them over the phone since there was something wrong with accessing to her email. Then only she realized of the fraud email communication which led ‘UK Tyre House’ to deposit money to the hacker’s account.

Precaution tips: If you get an email like this,
Call the relevant company and double check before depositing the money.