Last updated on May 20, 2024

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Shakila was a schoolteacher in Nuwara Eliya. She was married and in the best period of her life as she was expecting a child. For her, life was peaceful and happy with new dreams. However, this happiness could not last that long.

One morning, when Shakila was at school she felt a noticeable change among the staff and students. They were reacting in a very unusual way. Some rumors were also spreading throughout the school and she got to know about an awful news from one of her staff mates called Renuka.

Renuka : Hey, Need to tell you something. I was thinking a lot of times whether to tell you this or not….because of your situation

Shakila : What’s it.? I have also felt a bit strange these days and I was thinking what’s wrong.

Renuka : A student in A/L class has told Maths Sir that you texted him on Facebook. I didn’t want to tell you this but I thought things would get worse. Even I told him that it can’t be you.

Shakila : OMG!!! I don’t know this. I’m very scared, what do I do now???

Shakila was shivering and feeling so helpless. She started to cry. Renuka got panicked seeing this. She tried her best to calm Shakila down. Renuka promised Shakila that she would help find about this.

Shakila went home. She felt really embarrassed and restless. Meanwhile Renuka started to find out more information about this.

After a few days, Renuka got to know that the person who was pretending to be Shakila on a fake profile had sent unwanted messages to a lot of students. These students were mocking Shakila and talking about her inappropriate behaviour.

Renuka told this news to Shakila as she thought Shakila needed to know about this. Shakila was feeling disappointed with everything. She did not have a clue about the way out of this mess. She stayed at home for a couple of days as she didn’t feel like going to school. She was thinking about this day and night and even felt like harming her life.

She was feeling very low. Renuka called her to say that she got to know about Hithawathi who helps in removing fake FB accounts and gave Shakila the contact details. Shakila called Hithawathi. With tears on her eyes, she told everything about this fake account to an agent of Hithawathi who listened to her very carefully. Hithawathi advised her to be calm due to her present situation. The agent further told her that they would help her to report and remove this fake account. As the agent of Hithawathi felt that Shakila needed to be stronger, she was directed to Special Mental Health Hotline (1926).

Hithawathi reported Shakila’s fake account to Facebook that took necessary actions to take it down. When Hithawathi informed Shakila that the impersonating account had been removed she was so relieved and thanked Hithawathi for the support given.


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