Last updated on July 22, 2021

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Amasha was eagerly getting ready for her engagement and had plans to migrate after marriage. As she was busy running here and there for her engagement, she receives a call from a friend saying.

“Hello Amasha I saw some posts of you in a FB fashion page”

Being shocked to hear this, she gets the link to the posts from her friend and is shocked to see photos of a photoshoot which she had done years back and she very well knew that these photos were removed from the respective pages long back. However, these photos had been recently reuploaded to the said fashion page once again with a lot of hateful comments and she was devastated seeing this.

As her boyfriends is unaware of these, she gets panicked that he might see these pictures and was also certain that her engagement will be called off as a result.

She was depressed and called Hithawathi and was crying with fear since she needed these posts removed. Hithwathi was able to help her by reporting hateful comments attached to her pictures and the pictures were removed from the fashion pages.

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