Last updated on December 5, 2023

The choice to lock your profile on Facebook is entirely yours. If you’re someone aiming to expand your network and forge a virtual career, opting for an unlocked profile is essential for building a vast virtual community. However, you cannot ignore the fact that publicly exposed content (e.g., photos, videos and other personal information) could be misused.

Meta has introduced the feature of ‘Lock Profile’ to enhance your Facebook profile’s security and privacy. Should you decide to lock your profile, refer to the guidelines below:

The profile locking feature is currently limited in its availability. It is currently only accessible for users in specific countries. When you opt to secure your profile, a glimpse of your profile content will be accessible to non-friends, while a lock icon / blue badge ( )will prominently signal your enhanced privacy settings.

When a Facebook profile is locked, ‘only friends’ gain access to the following.

  • Photographs and posts on their profile.
  • Their full-sized profile picture or cover photo.
  • Their shared stories.


  • Any posts previously shared with the ‘Public’ will be updated to ‘Friends’.
  • New posts will be shared only among friends.
  • Profile and tag reviews will be automatically activated.
  • Only a portion of their ‘About’ info will be visible to everyone on their profile.

How to lock your profile?

  1. Click under your name.
  2. Then select ‘Lock profile’.
  3. Click on the blue button “Lock your profile” at the bottom.

However, in the realm of locked profiles too, it’s crucial to be discerning about the authenticity of friend requests.