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Volume 02 Issue 01 – 20th January 2021

How to tell if an e-mail is a scam

Among the e-mails you receive daily in different forms, it is not easy to identify whether it is a genuine or a scam email. The following indicators will help you to recognize the fraudulent e-mails.

1 Incomplete / misspelled words: One way of identifying a scam e-mail is that it consists of poor spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The e-mails you receive from professional organizations rarely contain those mistakes. Normally the scam e-mails are drafted by the individuals who may not have very strong skills in spellings or grammar, or may be writing in a rush. Therefore, if you come across an e-mail pretends to be from a genuine company, but with spelling or grammatical errors, that is most probably a scam and should be deleted.

2 Requires immediate action:If you receive an email requiring immediate action, it is better to contact the relevant company directly and verify its legitimacy.

3 Request to enter personal information: Some scam e-mails persuade you to enter your personal information, login credentials or credit card details saying that is to verify an issue with your account or some other reason…….

#6 URL may consist of a bunch of strange characters

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  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error.
  • 88% of organizations worldwide experienced spear phishing attempts in 2019

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The Best Antivirus of 2021: A data-driven comparison

To compile a data-backed list of the best antivirus providers we used independent antivirus lab test results and website review scores. We charted and compared top AV tools based on multiple points, including overall protection, system performance, false positives, price, and more to find the best antivirus

Windows 10’s taskbar is getting a big update with new weather and news widget

Microsoft is making a big change to its Windows 10 taskbar soon, with the addition of a news and weather widget. The new feature is available to testers today, and it will allow Windows 10 users to access a feed of news, stocks, and weather information straight from the taskbar. You’ll be able to quickly glance at the weather without having to open the Start menu, install a third-party app, or check online.

Cybersecurity: This ‘costly and destructive’ malware is the biggest threat to your network

Emotet remains a major threat to corporate computer networks entering 2021, warn researchers – and other threats including ransomware, trojans and cryptominers are also lurking out there.

Kaspersky Connects SolarWinds Attack Code to Known Russian APT Group

Similarities Found Between Malware Used in SolarWinds Attack and Backdoor Linked to Turla Cyberspies

Blackmailed by a FB friend through messenger



Siva is a Tamil boy who lives in Ampara. He is a nature lover and his hobby is photography. He received his first ever smart phone one of a latest models from his mother when he passed A/L exam in 2012- He was very happy. Siva is not a techy guy and doesn’t know how to operate the phone. He took it and went to meet his gang of friends. Then they taught him how to operate and they installed most of all common apps into the phone. And created a Face Book account for him and taught him how to use facebook app. He is very much exited………..

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Movie Hint
CODE 2600


Released in 2012, this documentary explores the rise of the Information Technology Age, as seen by the people who helped build it and through the events that shaped it. The documentary delves into the history of our internet world and how hacking has gone from hobby to national security concern.

OnePlus Band is out !

OnePlus is working on a smartband and it is out with below features :

  • Dual-Color Band Design
  • Continuous Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring
  • 5ATM / IP68 Water Resistance
  • 14 Days Battery

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Awareness Programmes

A Hithawathi awareness session was held on 08th ,09th January 2021 during the Joomla Training Programme for the teachers of Viharagala Maha Vidyalaya Sooriyawewa, organized by Hambantota – Sooriyawewa Nenasala.