Last updated on April 20, 2024

Volume 05 Issue 04 – 20th  April 2024

Hithawathi Monthly Bulletin

Best tips for better internet safety for kids, teens, and families

  • Know the dangers of the internet
  • Protect your identity
  • Choose strong passwords
  • Do not engage with strangers
  • Keep your social media accounts private
  • Be careful what you post
  • Shop online only from secure sites
  • Use a password manager
  • Don’t overshare
  • Go private on public Wi-Fi
  • Close unused accounts
  • Watch out for phishing
  • Keep privacy settings on
  • Be careful what you download
  • Keep devices updated
  • Spend time online together
  • Understand privacy policies
  • Confirm what’s needed for schoolwork with teachers
  • Check permissions
  • Back up data regularly
  • Keep your internet connection secure
  • Know how to manage location data
  • Secure smart home devices
  • Monitor online activities
  • Use 2FA for added security
  • Install a comprehensive cybersecurity suite
  • When in doubt, call support
  • Limit screen time and distractions

Cyber News

Sri Lankan government website hacked by ‘A-Level student’
Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education website has been hacked, with a message purportedly left by an A-Level student stating there are “security flaws”.

The Asia Foundation and partnership featured in coverage of APAC Cybersecurity Fund in Sri Lanka
The program aims to reach up to 5,000 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) covering 10,000 individuals.

New online reporting system for child sexual abuse launched
Recognizing the urgency of addressing child abuse in cyberspace, this initiative targets the dissemination of nude photos and indecent videos of children through internet and social media channels.

YouTube’s new updates might be a game changer for live streaming
Content creators often tend to live stream because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to connect with their audience in real time.

Reel of the month

Watch the Reel posted on Hithawathi Facebook page on the 10th day of every month and Comment briefly on what you understood / added to your knowledge!
Five randomly selected winners will be awarded MD Gunasena bookshop gift vouchers of Rs.2,000/- each!

Many Thanks to LK Domain Registry for being the financial sponsor of this contest!

The Link

Sithumi got a message on WhatsApp from a foreign number claiming to be a digital marketing agency, saying she got a job online. They said that they got her number from a job website. Sithumi thought it was a good chance to earn money from home, so she asked for more details.

See what happens next

Awareness Programmes

Past Events:

Hithawathi 10th Anniversary

Introduced as ‘Your Confidante in Cyberspace’, Hithawathi Project, which was initiated in 2014, successfully celebrated its ten-year anniversary on 02nd April 2024 at BMICH. The event featured Ms. Pushpa Ramyani Zoysa, National Coordinator of Training at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, as the Chief Guest, and Prof. Gihan Dias, Chief Executive Officer of LK Domain Registry, along with the participation of many stakeholders who support the project in various ways.

Therein, a booklet was launched and a video was also released marking the highlights of the ten-year journey. In addition, the parties who supported Hithawathi project during the last 10 years were appreciated.

Cyber Safety awareness

An awareness session on Hithawathi services and Cyber safety was conducted by Hithawathi on 1st April 2024 at Savikma Automation & Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd., Moonamale. Staff of the organization participated in this session.

Awareness program on online safety

An awareness program on online safety was conducted by Hithawathi initiative of LK Domain Registry representing Nagoda Divisional Secretariat of ‘Dakshina Jana Mehewara’ on 30th of March 2024 at Ananda Central College, Elpitiya. Around 50 people participated in this session.

A briefing session about online safety

A briefing session about online safety was conducted by Hithawathi on 28th of March 2024 at Laya Leisure Kukuleganga. Contestants of ITN Awurudu Kumara Kumariyo program participated in this session.

Hithawathi’s participation in South & Southeast Asia Regional Stakeholders Forum

Hithawathi participated in the South & Southeast Asia Regional Stakeholders Forum on “Cyber Sexual Gender – Based Violence” organized by Search for Common Ground on 21st March at Courtyard by Marriott Colombo. Different organizations joined the forum to learn and collaborate.

To participate in future webinar sessions and learn about cyber security, please join our Viber or WhatsApp group by clicking the icons below:



New HTTP/2 vulnerability exposes web servers to DoS attacks
New research has found that the CONTINUATION frame in the HTTP/2 protocol can be exploited to conduct denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

CISA adds two known exploited vulnerabilities to catalog
CISA has added two new vulnerabilities to its known exploited vulnerabilities catalog, based on evidence of active exploitation.

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome (CERT-NCSOC-0221)
A remote attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to trigger denial of service condition and remote code execution on the targeted system.

Movie Hint

The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018)

Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials.



Parking Occupancy Detection on Edge Impulse

Build an object detection model on Edge Impulse that displays both available and unavailable parking spots.

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