Last updated on February 1, 2021

Hithawathi had a discussion with its stakeholders on the 07th October 2019 at Colombo in order to identify the major issues currently faced by women & children in cyberspace and come up with solutions for them.

What was pointed out the most in this forum was the abuse of photos / videos plus misuse of others’ personal information when the relationships break up, cyber bulling and dark web issues. Additionally, it was recognized according to the statistics of Hithawathi that not only women face those problems but also men equally become helpless in cyber related matters. Then again it was confirmed that Hithawathi never refuses to support the male victims, even though the project was commenced focusing on women and children.

Educating the society on how to be safe online with the collaboration of stakeholders through different ways and means was discussed so as to minimize the occurrence of cyber harassment. Moreover, reporting the unauthorized harmful content via related channels was encouraged as the suitable remedy.

Representatives from Facebook Corporation, Women In Need, 1938 – Women’s Help Line of Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Sri Lanka Sumithrayo and Yeheli Project of Dialog Group participated the forum organized by Hithawathi team under the guidance of Prof. Gihan Dias, CEO of LK Domain Registry.

At the forum, the progress of Hithawathi during the last six months was analyzed and suggestions for its further development were made by the interested parties.