Last updated on February 8, 2022

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Iresha lived in a small village working as a clerk at a small company nearby. She was able to buy a new smartphone from her second salary and was very excited to join couple of social media applications like, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp/Viber. Everything was smoothly running for another two months. Iresha had to deactivate her Facebook account – because of a bad experience she faced.

Someone has taken her photos from her Facebook profile and created a fake account with her name and photos. One of her relatives has seen this fake profile. He has exaggerated and informed it to Iresha even without listening to her. Iresha was not a social person by nature, and she not very much familiar with social media behaviors. This incident made feel her very guilty. Even her friends at her workplace were also looking at her in a very bad manner. She felt very uncomfortable.

WHY? She was not set her security settings properly and she was not aware of such incidents out there.

With all these incidents she was depressed. Further she was thinking of committing suicide. She couldn’t eat or sleep properly. Her office work also not properly done. She was like “living in another world”. One of her good friends has noticed the change in behavior. She has suggested Ireaha to contact Hithawathi and Hithawathi will help her.

Iresha was not willing to call Hithawathi either. After couple of days she made her mind and thought to give it a try before commit suicide herself. It took about 30-40 minutes to explain her whole story and Hithawathi listened to her patiently. Even though it is a very small case(technically), at that moment she was not in a healthy mental situation. As the Immediate action we reported respective fake account and we were able to get it removed. Then we directed Iresha to 1926 to get calm, clear and relax her mind so she can back to normal. We contacted both Iresha and one of 1926 officers. After couple of long discussions Iresha was able to continue her regular work.

Now she is more strengthen and doing her normal day today activities. She feels very happy too. She called Hithawathi and thanked for saving her life. She said that she is now doing better because of Hithawathi.


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