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What is a password ?

Just as we have keys to lock rooms and cupboards in a house in order to protect our private belongings, In the digital world in order to protect the privacy of email account, Facebook, Youtube , LinkedIn, Twitter and also online bank accounts, A digital key is used which is the “Password”

What will happen if your password can be easily guessed by anyone ?

If the key of your house is hiddenpassword beneath a flower pot or carpet, anyone would be easily able to find it. Just as the same way if your can be easily guessed, there is a high chance for your email account, Facebook account to get hacked.

What are the commonly used insecure passwords since they are easy to remember ?

  1. Your name with another two digits Ex: Samantha89
  2. Identity Number Ex : 947312100V
  3. 123456
  4. Adjacent characters in the keyboard Ex: ASDF, QWERTY
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Date of Birth

In order to safeguard people from troubles with the use of insecure passwords, Below criteria are given specifically when setting up passwords in email.

  • Minimum character count should be 8
  • Use of Both simple and capital letters
  • Including numbers
  • Including symbols

What will happen if the same password is used for all accounts?

  1. If one account information is compromised to a third party, they can get information from all other accounts as well
  2. In any urgent case you have to give the password to someone, that person will be able to access all other accounts of yours


Let’s see how we can create a difficult password in an easy way

1st method

Getting a word or a combination of words and using a memory trick to keep it in mind

Ex:- Wadiya kadana naraka lamai ema nove api

Separate out each letter of each word

[W]adiya [k]adana [n]araka [l]amai [h]ema [n]owe [a]pi

Then we get a combination of letters as below

[W] [k] [n] [l] [h] [n] [a]

Now we add number, character in a suitable way to the above set of letters

As per our example

@ will be used instead of A

In the word Lamai we replace simple L = [l] by number 1

Now our password is

The above password is difficult to keep in mind, but “Wadiya kadana naraka lamai hema nove api” sentence is easy to remember. Therefore now you just have to type in the password while reading the above easy to remember password.

Important : It’s ideal if you could use a phrase familiar to you for this task

2nd method

  1. First of all select two English letters Ex: AA
  2. Secondly select two numbers Ex: 24
  3. Thirdly select a symbol Ex:#
  4. Instead of AA , Use both simple and capital letters and make it as Aa
    Aa24# – This is the first part of your password

Now let’s take a look at how we can arrange the above password to suite different accounts

If it’s a Facebook account – Aa24#Fac

If it’s a Gmail account – Aa24#Gma or Aa24#MAIL

*Note – You can arrange the above as you wish, keeping the character count minimally at 8

In here you only have to remember the first 5 characters of the password, and you can change the password for other accounts as shown above.

Moreover you can also change the password as you like as shown below

Ex: Aa24#Fac -> Fac#24Aa -> 24Aa#Fac

Important factors regarding passwords

  1. It is mandatory to use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication wherever possible
  2. Don’t ever give your password to anyone at anytime
  3. If you ever give your password, remember to change the whole set of passwords

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