Last updated on August 6, 2021

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Misha was experiencing a financially hard time by the end of last year and as a result she decided to sell her phone to small phone shop on the street for a better deal. After about a month’s time, she got a phone call from a telephone booth and the conversation was,

Caller: Hello my dear, hope you’re doing well!
Misha: Who’s this please?
Caller: Well…you don’t really know me and do not try to find who I am..
Just listen carefully to what I am saying okay?
You sold your phone last month right?
Misha: Yeah..(surprisingly) how do you know that?
Caller: I bought it darling. Plus managed to recover some of your nude and romantic pictures.
Misha: What??
Caller: Be happy that it came to my hands and if you arrange a cash payment of LKR 100,000/- within three days, I’ll keep everything confidential deleting or doing a factory reset in front of you. BUT if you fail to comply with it, I have plans to make things worse too. So you decide! (in a threatening manner)
will get back to you soon. (hangs up)

Finally she understood how stupid it was to sell a phone without factory resetting but then it was too late.

Precaution tips:
Do not sell or give your phone to anyone without factory resetting (do it at least two three times)
Contact local police station in case of a blackmailing and NEVER give money as they could blackmail repeatedly.