Last updated on October 14, 2022

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

One morning Seetha who was a married woman called Hithawathi crying;

Seetha: Please Miss, help me.
Hithawathi: Yes dear, how can we help you?
Seetha: My nude videos are being circulated on porn sites and there are many views..
Hithawathi: Do you have any idea how it happened?
Seetha: My husband used to record them though I didn’t like it. But I never thought he would sell me like this.
Hithawathi: You mean he has sold them to those sites?
Seetha: Yes… I can’t face the society now….

As per the information provided by her, Hithawathi checked further about the porn sites on which her videos were published and guided her the way to report and get them removed. Moreover, Hithawathi asked her to continue the legal procedure that 1938 (Women Helpline – Ministry of Women & Child Affairs) was taking care of. Additionally, Hithawathi advised her to be strong at that moment and contact 1926 (Special Mental Health Hotline) or Sumithrayo if she was feeling down due to the unbelievable incident. Seetha stopped crying as at the beginning since she was convinced that everything would be okay. Finally she thanked Hithawathi for being empathized and promised to follow the instructions.

Precaution tips:

  • It is not recommended to record intimate scenes or allow others to take pictures / video of your nudity as once they’re leaked for some reason it is going to be a long process to recover.
  • Contact 1938 (Women Helpline – Ministry of Women & Child Affairs) for legal support if you are a helpless woman in a situation like this.
  • Contact 1926 (Special Mental Health Hotline) or Sumithrayo when you feel down due to these types of incidents.
  • Avoid sharing such images / videos.
  • Report if the content (images, videos, etc…) you appear is published without your consent; Contact Hithawathi for support, if necessary.