Last updated on June 15, 2023

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Shali is a 23 year old girl from Badulla. She just started her first job in Colombo. One day her phone rang, it was from an unknown number.

Caller 01: “Hello, Shali”
Shali : “Yes, May I know who you are?”
Caller 01: “You are so beautiful. I would like to consider you as my future bride, tell me more about you…”
Shali : “What?”
beep …beep… beep (Shali hung up the phone)
Caller 20: “Hello, Can I talk to Shali?”
Shali : “Yes, I am.”
Caller 20: “Sooo, I’m Susantha, I like you and I would like to know about …”
Shali : “Wait.. wait, what’s this? I’m getting more than 20 of calls from males since yesterday asking of getting married. Just tell me how did you get my number?”
Caller 20: “Hay-Shali..why are you shouting at me? You are the one who wanted to get married, isn’t it? “
Shali : “What me? No way”
Caller 20: “Then why did you publish your photo and this phone number on @##$^^^.com website?”
Shali : “Excuse me? Which website?”
Caller 20: “@##$^^^.com”
Shali : “Mister, I’m sorry, I haven’t done such. I think you are mistaken. Please do not call me again”
Caller 20: “Hay Lady, you are a liar, don’t do these things just to play with others”
Shali : “Sorry”
beep …beep… beep (Shali hung up the phone)

After this conversation Shali was so upset.  She opened her laptop and checked the website. She searched her name…
Wollah! her name , photo and phone number popped up! 
“Oh my… What should I do?” “I just started my life- I don’t want to marry” “What will happen if amma & thaththa got to know about this?” “Who did this to me?” she murmured herself.

She felt helpless. Now she is pretty sure that someone has published her photo and mobile number to this matrimonial website.

She called her best friend at office, and told the whole story. She couldn’t stop her tears. Shali’s friend had heard of Hithawathi through Facebook. She asked Shali to contact Hithawathi.

Finally, Shali reached Hithawathi and asked for help. Hithawathi had a long chat with her. Shali got to know that the said website has a .COM domain. So even then it will be hard to identify/ find contact person to inform. If it was a .lk domain it would have been easy to get someone contacted .

Then Hithawathi advised her to go to “Contact-us” of that website and inform this matter. Further Hithawathi helped Shali to how to write to them. Specially send her inquiry in a professional manner but in a firm way, including required details and her willingness to take legal actions against them for posting her personal details without confirming.

It is still a mystery who has added her name on that website- but she was assisted to recover from the bad situation.

Precaution tips:

  • If something like this happens to you – just be patient, do not panic . Believe that there is a solution for every problem. Then contact Hithawathi.
  • Contact Hithawathi for support in reporting and removing if your pictures / videos or any other content that harms you are published on the internet.
  • Cyber-criminal complaints that are clearly mentioned with relevant evidence (correct links, screenshots, etc.) can be handed over to the CID, or sent to “The Director, Criminal Investigation Department, Colombo 01” by registered post. Additionally, you have the option of emailing the same via