Last updated on August 8, 2021

Names and places mentioned herein are hypothetical.

Nilan was used to take his younger sister to a Computer class in town. He always walked behind her with a gap like 2 meters. One evening when they were passing a shop where there was a gang near the door, Nilan heard someone saying;

Aww, sexy girl…where are you going?
(Some of them laughed at his flirting)

Nilan got really mad at the guy who was trying to play with his sister, stepped faster to him and started punching on his face. It was unexpected for the gang as they thought that the girl was going alone. Guys jumped on them and stopped the fight, but Nilan walked away warning him not to do it ever again.

A couple of days later, Nilan’s sister got calls from unknown men mostly asking if they could meet and have fun. It was annoying her and one of them told her that he got her number from a WhatsApp group. Nilan got to know from a friend that the gang had shared something on WhatsApp to give a bad impression about her innocent sister, who was stuck dumb due to the situation.

Nilan’s friend suggested him to contact Hithawathi for assistance in this regard. Accordingly he contacted Hithawathi helpdesk and explained what happened. Hithawathi instructed him of the options he can take against the harassment. Though the option of reporting to remove the content shared on WhatsApp was there, he wanted to go ahead with the legal procedure to put a full stop to this matter. Hithawathi directed them to contact Police Child & Women Bureau (Tel: 011 244 4444), where the priority for children and women is given. Nilan thanked Hithawathi for understanding their worries and guiding them on what to be done.

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