Last updated on July 3, 2021

The person who creates the group automatically becomes “Admin” and Admin can now add participants he/she needs as “Admin” and others as “Members”.

  1. Open the Viber group you are already assigned as the admin
  2. Swipe left from the right edge to open the sidebar menu
  3. Under the Participants, find the contact/person you want to set as Admin.
  4. Tap the person’s name/number and touch the Add as Admin option on the opened menu
  5. There we have the new admin

**To remove an admin on Viber groups, simply tap the name/number and touch the Remove as Admin option

How to control who can add me to groups ?

  1. Open Viber on your mobile phone (this setting is not available on tablets and desktops)
  2. Tap on More icon (on Android) (on iPhone)
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on Privacy
  5. Tap on Control who can add you to groups
  6. Choose Anyone or My contacts

If you want to create a group with up to 1 billion members, You need to Start a Community

Community is a set of people with a particular interest in common. Unlike groups, which are usually reserved for people that know each other, Communities often welcome people from around the world and can have up to 1 billion members.

Communities also have advanced moderation features, compared to groups

Who is a community Superadmin ?

Superadmins have the ultimate control in a Community. They can promote members to different roles, generate (and change) the invite link, turn on and off various permissions for all roles, and more

Superadmins can control who can send messages in the Community chat.
To change writing permissions:

  • Open Viber on your Phone
  • Tap on Chats
  • Select a Community in which you are a Superadmin
  • Tap Info (Android) or the name of the Community (iOS) at the top of the screen
  • Android: tap on Community info
  • Tap Member privileges
  • Select which admins can send a message in the Community
  • Select if members who aren’t admins or Superadmins can send a message in the Community