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Monthly Bulletin

Volume 01 Issue 03 – 20th July 2020

Deepfake – A Cyber Security Threat

Deepfakes are media that take a person in an existing image or video and replace them with someone else’s likeness using artificial neural networks. A deep-learning system can produce a persuasive counterfeit by studying photographs and videos of a target person from multiple angles, and then mimicking its behaviour and speech patterns.

Check this animation here :

Deepfakes have garnered widespread attention for their uses in celebrity pornographic videos, revenge porn, fake news, hoaxes, and financial fraud.

In 2020, there are 306.4 billion emails sent every day.Gmail blocks an average number of 100 million spam email messages daily

Ref. Statista/

How to decide whether it is a Fake or a Real Weblink/URL!

  1. Do not click!
  2. Right click and copy URL/hyperlink
  3. Paste the URL on a Notepad & observe if it differs from the original or consists of strange characters / misspellings.

Increased Number of Malware Strains & Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals have leverage outbreak of COVID-19 as a method of delivering malware and phishing. These social engineering attacks are often delivered by Emails, Chat Application and text messages. Check here what they are:

Defense Against COVID-19 Cyber Threats

Facebook phishing – sending links to steal contact lists and harass

(Some names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)

Ruzi is 15 years old girl who is studying in grade 10. The school has updated their Facebook page with their school sports meet photos.

One day one of the parents who has a Facebook account, noticed Ruzi’s name with her photos when she was using her FB account. Since she knew Ruzi and her mother personally, she told about this to Ruzi’s mom, and requested to check whether Ruzi is using FB. What Ruzi’s mother found was….

See full story…

As a Trusted Partner of Facebook Corporation, Hithawathi got the opportunity to participate ‘Facebook South Asia Safety Summit 2019’ held in New Delhi on the 19th November 2019 representing Sri Lanka. Stakeholders from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan too joined the Summit, which was organized for the 2nd time.

The Summit took all the efforts to discuss of how to keep the society secure when they face issues with the trendy use of Facebook and Instagram in South Asian countries.

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Awareness Programmes

Hithawathi Awareness program @ NuwaraEliya – Rikillagaskada Nenasala – March 2020
Venue: Rikillagaskada Nenasala – NuwaraEliya
Participants: Nenasala Students and Operators