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Monthly Bulletin

Volume 01 Issue 07 – 20th November 2020

Receiving OTP (One Time Password)
via a Local Private Number

One Time Password (OTP) is a service which users provides an extra layer of security. This is mostly used when accessing accounts and carrying out financial transactions etc. to identify the real user of the account. When a service provider sends an OTP to a customer, it comes as an SMS message and the displayed sender name of that OTP message will be the actual service provider. E.g., lf you request an OTP from Google, sender of that OTP would be Google itself and you will receive a message from Google.

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WhatsApp launches new disappearing messages option

WhatsApp is introducing a new disappearing messages option this month. The feature will allow WhatsApp users to enable disappearing messages on chat conversations between friends, to automatically delete messages after seven days. Anyone can enable the option in individual chats, and group admins will be able to enable disappearing messages in group chats.

8.4 Million DDoS Attacks Were Observed in 2019

“one DDoS attack every 3.75 seconds! in 2019” There were more than 23,000 DDoS attacks each day last year, according to the NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report: Findings from 2H 2019

Quick tips to stay safe online?


  • Keep your profile set to private and check your settings regularly.
  • Don’t share personal information, and protect yourself from strangers online.
  • Think about your personal safety before you ‘check in’ or use location based services.
  • Manage your digital reputation responsibly.
  • Respect others and look after each other online.


Global Cybercrime Damages Predicted To Reach $6 Trillion Annually By 2021

Cybersecurity experts are urging remote workers to beef up their awareness and knowledge of phishing scams, the fastest-growing type of cybercrime, many of which are now playing on fears of COVID-19.

WordPress plugin bugs can let attackers hijack up to 100K sites

Admins of WordPress sites who use the Ultimate Member plugin are urged to update it to the latest version to block attacks attempting to exploit multiple critical and easy to exploit vulnerabilities that could lead to site takeovers.

Unexpected email: cannot figure it out

(Some names and details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.)


Sanka was a known as a fun-loving person who was used to spending most of his spare time on the internet. He preferred to get to know a lot of things surfing the internet.

One morning when Sanka was checking his emails he came across an email which looked a bit weird.

“ Hay, Unfortunately I have some bad news for you. I’ve uploaded a Trojan horse on the driver…

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Special webinar Session organized by Hithawathi: FREE

“Guidance on how to be safe when using the internet while working from home during the pandemic.”

Date: Thursday, 26th November 2020

10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Registrations :



Mr. Ravindu Meegasmulla

Information Security Engineer
Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Mr. B.V. Ishara Gayasri

Social Media Crime Investigation Unit – C.I.D.

Ms. Dilukshi Shanika Wijesinghe

Senior Legal Officer
Women In Need

Dr. Pushpa K. Ranasinghe (MBBS, MD.Psy.)

Senior consultant Psychiatrist
National Institute of Mental Health

Interesting facts on Cyber-Attacts on Telecommunications Companies

  • In October 2015, TalkTalk was hacked and the personal data of 157,000 customers was stolen. The hack cost the company £60 million and resulted in the loss of 95,000 customers. The Information Commissioner’s office fined TalkTalk £400,000.
  • In 2016, UK mobile provider Three was Hacked, resulting in the theft of personal data from 134,000 customers The hackers accessed information using employee login details.
  • In 2016 its was reported that malicious software known as the “Mirai Worm” had infected around 100,000 Post Office routers in the UK. The hacked routers were used to route internet traffic to popular websites including Netflix and Twitter. An independent testing body suggested that this could have arisen from a weakness in some the router’s software.

Movie Hint: The Great Hack
Exploring how a data company named Cambridge Analytica came to symbolise the dark side of social media in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as uncovered by journalist Carole Cadwalladr.

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Awareness Programmes

A Hithawathi awareness session was held on 07th ,08th September 2020 during the Joomla Training Programme for the teachers of Hillwood college Kandy, facilitated by Nenasala Teldeniya and funded by LK Domain Registry.


An online Hithawathi awareness session was held on 14th October 2020 during the Joomla Training Programme, at the Nenasala center for 40 number of students, facilitated by Nenasala Teldeniya and funded by LK Domain Registry.