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Volume 02 Issue 04 – 20th April 2021

Are you caught up in the reset of on-line education?

On-line education is here to stay. That involves a whole new paradigm shift in the way you approach work, plan strategy and implement tasks. Transition from traditional classroom to the online mode, demands thinking anew, changing attitudes and strategic planning to achieve desired outcomes.

With the onset of on-line education, new tools/apps have emerged for development, presentation, delivery, and evaluation/testing. A good understanding of these tools/apps and changes in the learning environment is vital if on-line learning is to achieve desired results. The most popular app used in Sri Lanka for on-line learning is Zoom.


Facebook Data on 533 Million Users Re-emerges Online for Free

The personal data of more than half a billion Facebook Inc. users reemerged online for free on Saturday, a reminder of the company’s ability to collect mountains of information and its struggles to protect these sensitive assets.
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YouTube tests hiding the dislike count on some videos

The next time you watch a video on YouTube, the platform’s design could look slightly different. That’s because YouTube is testing a new design that will hide a video’s public dislike count, something the platform said is being introduced following creator feedback..
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5 Ways to Unsubscribe From a Spam List

  1. Classify them as spam or block them
  2. From the message itself
  3. From Gmail/mail client
  4. Delete notifications from apps
  5. External tools

Gigaset Android smartphones infected with malicious system update app

Gigaset smartphone users are being urged to temporarily suspend using their devices following the discovery of widespread malware deployment.

Fake Covid-19 vaccines pose ‘serious health hazard’, warns Interpol

Interpol and US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) have issued a joint warning about the “serious health hazard” posed by the sale of fake Covid-19 vaccines and treatments online.

PHP’s Git Server Hacked to Insert Secret Backdoor to Its Source code

In yet another instance of a software supply chain attack, unidentified actors hacked the official Git server of the PHP programming language and pushed unauthorized updates to insert a secret backdoor into its source code.

How Husband Sold Her On The Internet

One morning Seetha who was a married woman called Hithawathi crying..

Seetha: Please Miss, help me.
Hithawathi: Yes dear, how can we help you?
Seetha: My nude videos are being circulated on porn sites and there are many views..
Hithawathi: Do you have any idea how it happened?
Seetha: My husband was used to recording them though I didn’t like it. But I never thought he would sell me like this.
Hithawathi: You mean he has sold them to those sites?
Seetha: Yess… I can’t face the society now……. What will happen to Seetha…..

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Movie Hint

White, black, grey hat hackers… when it comes to hacking, probably the first thought is of a threat and malicious attacks. But there is so much more. “Hackers in Wonderland” is another movie that delves into the stories of notorious hackers to reveal what drives them. The documentary comprises interviews with hackers in the United Kingdom and the United States, sharing their opinions about hacktivism. The hackers include ColdFire, Phobos, and cyberjunkie, if those names ring a bell.

New wearable device turns the body into a battery

Researchers at CU Boulder have developed a new, low-cost wearable device that transforms the human body into a biological battery.

The device, described today in the journal Science Advances, is stretchy enough that you can wear it like a ring, a bracelet or any other accessory that touches your skin. It also taps into a person’s natural heat—employing thermoelectric generators to convert the body’s internal temperature into electricity.

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Awareness Programmes

A Hithawathi awareness session was held on 29th March 2021 during the Website designing – Joomla Training Programme for the 33 ICT Teachers of Nuwara Eliya education zone, organized by Webcomms Global.