Last updated on June 23, 2022

What is factory resetting?

Factory resetting (also known as hard reset, hardware reset or master reset) of an electronic device means that all data are removed from the device bringing it back to its original state, in other words to the way it was, when it was first bought.

What types of data are removed in a factory reset?

  • Contacts
  • Photos / videos
  • Applications/Apps
  • Cache
  • Anything saved in the device

What does a factory reset not remove?

  • Device’s operating system (IOS, Android, Windows etc.)

What are the benefits of doing a factory reset?

  1. When it is needed to remove all data in the device for instance if you are planning to sell the device
  2. To repair a faulty device
  3. To remove malware such as viruses or files which are difficult to remove
  4. To clear memory space
  5. To restore the device to its default settings
  6. To fix performance issues such as freezing of devices

Amidst the benefits, a factory reset must be conducted in a very careful manner as it wipes out all the data which you may even need and it is not a suitable solution every time for every device. On the other hand, it is recommended to keep a backup or encrypt (in Android) your data before doing the factory reset.

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