Last updated on July 9, 2021

Hithawathi is organizing a webinar for school teachers

Hithawathi is organizing a webinar on “how to teach online safely” on Saturday, 03rd of July from 3.00pm to 4.00pm via Zoom in collaboration with ICTA. Representatives from SL CERT, Ministry of Education will be participating as resource persons. To register for the webinar follow the link below.

Date : Saturday, 03rd July 2021
Time : 03.00pm -04.00 pm
Medium : Sinhala


Panelists :

Charuka Damunupola from SLCERT
Udari Dikkumbura from Ministry of Education.

Main topics to be covered:

03.00 pm – 03.02 pm  

Programme commence

Mr. Sampath Sri
Project Coordinator
Hithawathi Project

Resources :

Webinar Video:

Introduction & Welcome

03.02 pm – 03.05 pm

  • Welcome Speech

Ms. Sachini Shakila
Project Manager Hithawathi Project

03.05 pm – 03.15 pm

  • What are online teaching methods
  • What are the security features of them

Mr. Charuka Damunupola
Information Security Analyst, SLCERT

03.15 pm – 03.20 pm

  • Initiatives by Ministry of Education

Ms. Udara Dikkumbura
Director (ICT)
Ministry of Education

03.20 pm –03.35 pm

  • Ethics
  • Safety tips

Mr. Charuka Damunupola
Information Security Analyst, SLCERT

03.35 pm – 03.40 pm

  • Initiatives by ICTA

Mr. Aminda James
Senior Manager
Information and Communication Technology Agency

Resources :
Webinar Video:

Initiatives by ICTA

03.40 pm – 03.45 pm

  • How to get help for cyber security issues while online teaching

Mr. Charuka Damunupola
Information Security Analyst, SLCERT

Resources :
Webinar Video:

Safety tips to follow when teaching online

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Telephone: 011 421 6062
Facebook page :
Viber /whatassp: +94 7777 11199

03.45 pm – 04.00 pm

  • Q/A

Mr. Charuka Damunupola
Ms. Udara Dikkumbura

04.00 pm– 04.05 pm

  • Vote of Thanks and programme wrap-up

Mr. Sampath Sri