Sajith Gunathilaka

අවසන් වරට යාවත්කාලීන කලේ 2022/09/06

I am Sajith Gunathilaka and I live in Bandarawela. With the advent of new technology in the world, many social media networks have emerged. It is simply a successful means of communication created for the well-being of human beings. But there are many people or groups in our society who use it in a wrong way or for inappropriate things.

A big problem for me was the fake Facebook account that someone maintained using my personal details and photos. My problem was completely solved in three days from the time I presented the problem to the social care agency. hitavati Institute is an excellent social care institution of the era that I have seen from my experience.
You are a perfect haven to solve the social and material problems of the age. Undoubtedly, there are many people around us who are uncomfortable like me. May your organization and staff get the strength to provide your services to such people promptly and heal their hearts. Thanks a lot …!!!